Isao Bando


Born in 1943.Graphic designer, photographer.
He teaches design and photography at a design school and a university.
In 1977, he moved to Mihara-cho, Sakai City, where he founda humorous face -like shape on the post marking the borderwith a neighboring house.This prompted him to start taking photographs for his photographic exhibition titled "Fellows in Space/Residents in town -Porker Face".
In 1994 he held a photographic exhibition called "Poker face of Town " and relevant workshop at department stores and art museums across the country, which was featured in local TV programs, newspapers and magazines.
His works have appeared in photographic magazines published in Italy and the United states, while in Japan, his works have appeared frequently on the gravure pages of weekly magazines, while some works were chosen for a juniar high school's art textbook and an elementary school's drawing book and traning manual (published by Kairyudo).
His books includ "Poker Faces Found in Town" and "Poker Faces of Town".
He took pictures in the city of Osaka for the Sankei Shimbun, a newspaper, which were published as a series in the newspaper 152times with the theme "Poker Face of Town".
In 2006 he own a place in a competition organized by Sakai City for art and cultural event planning, and subsequentry worked as overall produserfor its event titled "Poker Faces of town in Osaka-Looking for Faces of town in Sakai".
Currently, he is taking pictures in foreign countries, including Italy and France, which will be published as a serial collection called "Poker Faces of the World's streets".
"Four Seasons of Wall Shadow ", which features scenes accidentally produced by shadows of man-made walls and trees, is one of his major works which he took three years to produce based on fixed -point observation.

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